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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Workout {Plank & Distance Run}

I'm still doing my FitOrbit workouts. I love them. In a week's time, my whole body is attacked at some point. It is all varied. It's perfect. Today I did the plank workout.
This screen capture is taken from the FitOrbit app. You must be a member to get it (i.e. pay for a trainer and have a weekly plan). You touch each exercise and it tells you scripted instructions, number of sets, number of repetitions, and amount of weight if applicable. Some exercises even have an instruction video with it.
This one is the beast. (I usually think of another "B" word, but "beast" will do for the blog.)  You are supposed to repeat all exercises 4 times, so by the 4th set, I can hardly do these.

Anyway, I made plans to run with a group of friends, Lindsey & Jolie (a la my Spring 2012 running routine). So, I packed my yoga mat and went and planked at the lake while I waited for our run time. I don't like to split up my workouts.  So, I planked. Alone.
Lake Shawnee
Don't care. I work out. Here are my run stats.  I'm apparently fast without all of my fatty fat fat.  I don't even do distance runs enough to call it "training" or anything. So when I go on a random run and I push around a 10 minute mile, I'm pretty pleased.  I used to hold about 11 min 30 seconds pretty steady for runs longer than 2 miles. So a 10 is legit. YAY!
Nike App

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